Monthly Archives: February 2009

Birthday emails

February 27, 2009

On days like these you get snailmail, e-cards and also companies who email you automated messages. Here some of the most intereting ones. coupons 404 error Free bags Generated picture

Happy Birthday

February 27, 2009

After 4 hours of sleep I woke up with a big girl and a little girl entering the bedroom while singing. A great way to wake up! After that Andrea helped me unpack my presents and she was most happy with the birthday card (ducks on the card, and when you open it a birthday […]

Andrea Update

February 25, 2009

The quick update. weight: above average, length: below average. BMI decreasing. Link to chart. Mommy will probably add more to this story. Mommy: As always they try a lot when we are there. When we walked in, the nurse gave me a hand and also wanted to give Andrea a hand and Andrea responded to […]

Feeding ducks

February 24, 2009

After the shopping trip we came across a bridge with lots of ducks and birds. Luckily we brought some food for them. [googlevideo=]

Eczema again :(

February 21, 2009

Since Wednesday night Andrea has again a lot of eczema. I gave her some of my home-made bread on Wednesday for lunch and may be there was something in there that she reacted on? Since that she had some trouble in getting to sleep although when she finally fell asleep in our arms (either dad’s or […]