Suzanne was born in Heerlen on April 16th 1976 as a daughter of Ger and Maria and a sister of Mark. She lived in the south of the Netherlands until she went to Utrecht University in 1994. In Utrecht she studied pharmacy. During an internship she went to Baltimore, USA and when she came back she started her PhD in Pharmaceutics. She defended her thesis on November 25th 2005. After her PhD she started to work as a Project Leader at OctoPlus NV. In June 2008 she started working as a QP (Qualified Person) at the same company until April 2011. In May 2011 she started working as a QI manager and Qualified Person at Hal Allergy B.V. in Leiden. In July 2014 she started to work at Prosensa Therapeutics as a Qualified Person. Next to that she is starting up Svinx Consultancy BV.

In 1998 she met Raymond/Deef Vink. They started to live together in 1999 in Utrecht. In 2004 they moved to Nieuwegein. They got married on August 25th 2006.

As a child she loved to swim, play chess and read books. She became chess champion of Limburg in her category five times. The love for swimming never faded completely. As a student she started again, but this time she started to play waterpolo at a student club: Het Zinkstuk.

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In maart 2013 is ze begonnen met haken. Het resultaat hiervan kan gevolgd worden op mijn haakblog

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