Monthly Archives: February 2009

Photo update

February 21, 2009

Another photo update has been completed. Januari pictures are online. Also the Texel weekend-trip album is online.


February 20, 2009

Andrea has learned to put Duplo together. On Friday night¬†she indicated that she wanted to go upstairs so I went to her room with her and there she pointed at the Duplo box. So we took it downstairs and she was very busy with it. She constantly kept on saying: blablablabla “Baaauuuwww”. The first part […]


February 20, 2009

¬†Andrea celebrated Carnaval at daycare. We bought her a Bumba costume and omi gave her some bells to make lots of noise. I picked her up from daycare at 4pm (a lot earlier than normal). She received a heart-shaped balloon from a clown at day care. In the car she was really excited. I said […]

Hope For a Peanut Allergy Cure

February 20, 2009

Gone are the days of the PB&J lunch standard or even homemade cookies and cupcakes for the classroom party, but parents of peanut allergy sufferers may have reason to hope as a new treatment out of Britain has successfully reduced deadly reactions to the nut. By slowly administering doses of peanut flour, as opposed to […]

Boodschappen doen

February 18, 2009