Eczema again :(

Since Wednesday night Andrea has again a lot of eczema. I gave her some of my home-made bread on Wednesday for lunch and may be there was something in there that she reacted on? Since that she had some trouble in getting to sleep although when she finally fell asleep in our arms (either dad’s or mom’s) she would sleep through the night (although awake early: 6am). Today she was also awake at 6am. We could keep her in her bed (telling stories) till about 6.45 am. After that she really wanted to get out of bed and eat something. We had an early lunch and put her in bed at 12pm. Again she needed an arm to fall asleep in. After that she slept for about 2 hours. Since then she was in a bad mood. Crying a lot, scratching a lot and getting annoyed very quick if something did not work out. She walked around in het “romper” the afternoon and that was a lot better. Dinner (macaroni) was good and after that she played very nice alone for quiet some time. She laid down on the floor around 6.45 pm and on the question whether she wanted to go upstairs to bed she replied “Ja!”. We first put all the toys away (standard routine before going to bed) and watched an episode of “kikker”. After that she suddenly did  not want to go to bed anymore but we made her go anyway. Put lots of creme on her body (hormone and moisturizing) and she complaint a bit but fell asleep quite quick. We will see at what time she awakes since she went to bed almost 45 minutes earlier than normal.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    She awoke at 6.15 am. But after we put her in our bed she slept until 8am. So we can put her to bed earlier more often…

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