Raymond was born in Lopik on February 27th 1973 as a son of Gijsbertus and Marietje, he already had a brother called Michel. At the age of six he moved to Nieuwegein, where he lived until 1999. In that year he and Suzanne decided to get an appartment in Utrecht. Five years later, they moved to Nieuwegein. Raymond has seen a couple of schools from the inside, with the longest and most memorable period at the Hogeschool van Utrecht where he got his Bachelors degree in 2002. During this 9 year period the name Deef was introduced as alternative name for Raymond.

Ever since 1994 or so the name Deef has become the unofficial official name. His professional working career was in the internet business, from Rabobank to InterEdge to Inpact (later LostBoys) to Hemels van der Hart and followed by startup Moviq. Currently he is working at Rhinofly as Supportmanager. To see more information about him, go check out radavi.nl