Monthly Archives: December 2008


December 30, 2008

I am afraid it is true. Since yesterday Andrea has some red spots on her belly, back and her head (under her hair). Some of the spots contain moisture, also some already have a “korstje” on them. She is now in bed with a small fever (38C). She does not seem to be bothered by any […]

Allergy centre

December 29, 2008

Andrea had today another appointment at the allergy centre. Her eczema was almost completely gone since the last visit due to the triamcinoloncreme and fenistil dropplets. Because of her being tested today we had to stop the droplets (we already stopped with the creme some time ago) after Christmas. That is probably why she got some […]

Gonnie het gansje

December 29, 2008

Andrea has a small booklet about Gonnie the goose. on the first page Gonnie hangs upside down from the top of the page. When andrea opens the book and sees Gonnie, she turns the book, because she thinks it is upside down. the next page she again has to turn the book. Very amusing.Here you […]

Small update

December 29, 2008

So, what happend the last week: On Christmas-eve we had cheese fondue, but Andrea did not like the cheese part of it. She ate bread and tortilla chips. On the first day of Christmas we had some rabbit also not much to her liking. She tried the desert (lychee-ice) but it was too cold for […]

42 minutes

December 23, 2008

To drive from home to work today. This was even despite the fact that I missed my exit on the A12 :). Could not every Tuesday be the Tuesday before Christmas?