Small update

So, what happend the last week: On Christmas-eve we had cheese fondue, but Andrea did not like the cheese part of it. She ate bread and tortilla chips. On the first day of Christmas we had some rabbit also not much to her liking. She tried the desert (lychee-ice) but it was too cold for her. The 2nd day of Christmas, at around 16:15 we lost power in the street…very irritating when you want to warm up dinner for your daughter. The candles did not give enough light either, so we decided to go to oma and opa for a moment. There Andrea ate some dinner and played a bit. After that we did not feel like making a dinner for ourselves, so we drove by the snackbar. On the 27th Suzanne tried to fix the leakage in our shower, but today we noticed it did not work, back to the beginnen, and trying to figure it out. In the evening we had a birthday party where Deef had a nice Julius beer, too bad the expiration date was somewhere in 2006….Furthermore, for an update of pictures, September is online and so is October (both also with videos now). November and december are still a work in progress, so is our Moessel holiday.

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  1. boarderbabe says:

    Lekker hoor, 2e kerstdag snacken in de snackbar

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