I am afraid it is true. Since yesterday Andrea has some red spots on her belly, back and her head (under her hair). Some of the spots contain moisture, also some already have a “korstje” on them. She is now in bed with a small fever (38C).¬†She does not seem to be bothered by any itch (yet). I will go to the dokter with her tomorrow to confirm that it really is chickenpox. This means that she cannot go to daycare and I will have an extra day off on Friday :)

We will keep you posted.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    I am afreaid the question mark can go. I did not go to the docter anymore since it is now quite obvious. She has several spots with moisture in them. A lot of them are on her head, belly and back. Also her face is covered. She has one right under her right eye, one right next to her right eye and four in a row between eye and mouth. They now also start to itch, but until now she is still a happy kid and is not bothered byit a lot.

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