New toiletseat(s)

Andrea was very proud of herself (and so was mommy) that she peed on the toilet when she was at Mickey Mouse (daycare). We therefore bought today new toiletseats (one of down stairs and one for in the bathroom upstairs). The seat can be made smaller so that a little child can sit on it as well. She was so happy with it that after I installed them she wanted to sit on them (for at least 4 times). While sitting there Andrea keeps on talking that the pee will come in a minute and 10 minutes later it still is coming. When she is done with the first one she wants to go and sit on the second one :). We took of her diaper and put her on the toilet quite often…. but you already reckon…. she peed while she was sitting on the floor…. The good thing is that she likes now to sit on the toilet so let’s hope that potty training will take a swing from now on.. will keep you posted!

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