Yesterday Andrea was pretending that she and all animals and dolls were playing in the “ballenbak”. She kept her fantasy for quite some time. We therefore decided to take her to a real “ballenbak” on Sunday. We went to Ballorig in Houten. It was very busy, I guess a lot of people were sick of the snow and wanted to play inside. Andrea had a marvellous time. She played in the “ballenbak” and on “springkussens”. When we asked her what she wanted for lunch she said “frietjes” so we gave her some fries and fristi (aardbeiensap). After that she jumped and run and rolled down the “springkussen”. She really loved it. Her cheeks were getting more red and more red from tiredness. She did not want to go to sleep and did not want to go home, yet she fell asleep in the car after 5 minutes. She slept for about 5-10 minutes in the car. At home we put her to bed, but she did not want to sleep anymore. She was happy and cheerful and run around the house for the rest of the day. We put her a bit earlier to bed tonight and we have not heard her anymore. She had a marvellous time. Dad is a bit sore from all the carrying and helping her up to go down the slide.

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