What a night

Last night was a rough night. The day went rather normal. I picked up Andrea from daycare and quickly made some diner for us. I asked her whether she would like frietjes or pasta and she replied “fietjes en fikedel”. She ate the whole frikandel (like she always does) and some fries. After that we played a bit and watched 1tje bumba and 1tje kikker geen sesamstraat together and after that it was time for her to go to bed. She did not fight too much against it. I put on her pyjamas and went to the bathroom to get her druppeltjes and to brush her teeth. She started to walk away and not listen so I told her no bedtime story. She went to bed (without bedtime story) and did not complain. Around 22.15 there was some small cries sound coming from her room. I went up and did not see anything wrong. After that I also went to bed. half an hour later she started to cry rather loud and I jumped out of bed (since normally she does not cry that loud). She was covered with frietjes and frikandel (half digested). I picked her up, took of her pyjamas, cleaned her a bit, put on new pyjamas and put her in our bed. After that I put new pyjamas on and cleaned her bed. We went back to sleep in our bed. Two hours later she started again. This time it was our bed and the floor next to the bed that was covered with frietjes and frikandel (more digested). Again: take off pyjamas, clean, put on new pyjamas, put her in her own bed, take off my own pyjamas, cleaned our bed. After that I went to check on her and she was looking frightened at me, so I took her with me in our bed. After a while dad arrived home and we were both still awake. so we told daddy what had happened. One hour later…. yes the same thing again. So again I took off her pyjamas, cleaned her etc…. This was the last clean pyjamas we had. After this she stayed in our bed and slept until 8.30 although she was  awake for some time and turning a lot.

During the day she was rather cheerfull today. She did not eat too much though, but she does not appear to be sick. She ate some pasta this evening and hopefully that will stay in her stomach tonight. We will keep you posted.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    All went well from during Saturday to Sunday night.

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