Weekend is over :(

This weekend we were going to celebrate Andrea’s 2nd birthday. On Saturday she woke up at 6am. She was calling me, so I went to see what was wrong and she was standing in her bed all ready to get up and start the day. On friday night we decided to order a mobile airco unit to get some of the heat out of Andrea’s room before she would go to bed. She had quite some trouble getting to sleep the last few days. We ordered the unit at Wehkamp before 9pm and as promissed it was delivered the next day. It was before lunch so we immediately installed it in her room. The temperature dropped a few degrees in 1-2 hours so that was very promissing. During her sleep Deef went to buy the cakes and in the afternoon we had our waterfun outside (as can be seen in other posts). Andrea had a blast with it. The airco unit had been turned on the whole afternoon and when she went to bed the temperature was 22 degrees (instead of 28). She fell immediately asleep, which did not happen the last few days. On Sunday in the morning opa-opa, oma, opa and ome Michel came to visit. Andrea had no idea what to do with the candles on the cake. We were all blowing and she was just looking at us. She loved the cake; she finished a complete piece, although the colored chocolate was “niet schlekker”. When all presents had been unwrapped she asked for more “dootjes” (=presents). After that she had fun with ome Michel’s keyboard. Lunch was 3 sandwiches and she fell immediately asleep. In the afternoon we played with the water table that she got from oma and opa. And at the end of the afternoon Dennis, Yolanda, Luna and Eva  came along. Andrea watched the two girls play and and a very nice time with that. The airco unit was again turned on and she again fell asleep immediately.

So the buying of the airco unit was well worth it already.

See the keyboard in action, here and here.


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