Travel back

The travel back to The Netherlands went quite good. Although there were some not foreseen hick-ups. Lets start with the begin. We were very early on the airport since we could not check on online. A ground steward was very nice to point us to the bagage drop-of line to check in. We could not find the check-in line but apparently that was a lot longer than the line we went in. All bagage was dropped and we had seats next to each other. We went through customs and waved to Mark in the mean time. Customs went okay so we searched for diner. On advise of Mark we went to Darcy McGee. This was a very good recommendation. Diner was very nice and desert even better. Andrea loved the icecream and mom and dad loved the chocolate sauce and chocolate cookies with it.

Then we went to gate 15 and they had some “kralen” there so andrea had fun. she filled her diaper before we had to go on the plane so that was perfect. On the plane it turned out that there were a lot of kids. Before us was a mom and a dad with a small kid. He might have been a few months younger than Andrea. Of course they had lots of fun looking at eachother. Andrea of course did not want to sleep, but at 10.30 pm she finally fell asleep (the plane left at 6.40 pm). We landed nicely on time (1 am) in London. Shortly before that Andrea awoke very cheerful. In london we rushed to the next plane, but before that we had to check-in again. Before check-in we had to go through customs again. We had removed all liquids from the bags except for Andrea’s bottle of water. If I wanted to taste it I was allowed to take it with me (I told them I was not going to throw away the klean kanteen bottle). Our back carrier was put aside and when we asked several times why we would not get it they finally told us that we had to wait. Still no idea why. Apparently they found something in it. It took them 15 minutes to get somebody to open the bag (I was not allowed to open it and was getting very very annoyed by them. I had told them what it was: desinfecting gel and also told them that it had already passed customs without taking it out of the bag for 3 times. But I was only said to wait). To make sure that I would not become too agressive Deef already sent me to check-in. I could check-in Andrea and myself, but qould not get Deef’s boarding card without him being there. They also needed the luggage numbers (which were in deef’s pocket). Finally the bag was released and we stood again in the line to get deef’s boarding pass. All was good and we had still over 30 minutes before the start of the boarding. Andrea was still very cheerfull and was dancing while we waiting for the boarding. The plane was not even half full so we had three seats. Andrea fell asleep when we took off and awoke when we landed.

At Schiphol we looked at the luggage belt and Andrea had lots of fun to check whether the suitcases were ours or not. We went to the bus that drove us to parking P3. I picked up the car in row 512 (still remembered it after 2.5 weeks) and we drove home. The trip towards home was very difficult. I had not slept at all in the plane so I could nearly stay awake. In the end I opened the window which helped a lot. Andrea loved her kitchen and her toys. We had lunch and went all three to bed. Andrea wook up crying and had a lot of trouble to calm down. I walked with her through the house and that helped her a bit (i guess she did not remember anymore were she was). Andrea went to bed at 7.15 pm, I at 9pm and Deef about 15 minutes later. I did not hear him come to bed anymore. Andrea wook up crying at midnight so we put her in our bed and we¬†woke her up at 8.30 am. She slept again after lunch and she is sleeping at the moment. So let’s hope that all goes very well this night as well.

Tomorrow Andrea goed to daycare and deef and myself are going to attend Gerdi and Ron’s wedding.

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