End of holidays

Our suitcases are packed. We had to buy an extra bag to make sure that everything would come back to The Netherlands. It is nearly lunchtime. After that Andrea will go for her last nap in the krib. We leave Barrhaven at 3pm to be able to have diner at the airport after all the security checks and before boarding. Hopefully Andrea will sleep in the plane. Her mind is already set to going into the plane tonight. She was saying this morning:”auto titten en vliegetuig titten” so that is all perfect. We had a wonderfull time and would like to thank Mark (papa Aje), Monique (mama Aje) for their hospitality and Alex (Aje) for letting Andrea (annea) play with his toys. Andrea and Alex played a lot together, allthough in the end they were a bit tired of eachother and very possessive of the toys they were playing with.

Mom and Dad are very relaxed and are ready to go home and back to work (at least mom is). On Friday we have the wedding and work will start on Monday for Mommy and July 1st for daddy.

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