Funny story and trying out?

When I arrived home from work today Andrea was having diner (asta met aas). I started to talk to her asking her what she did today with opa and oma. It was very nice, because whenever I asked something she would say yes and give some more information (sorry it is in dutch):

“wat heb je vandaag gedaan”. “Bauw”. “Ben je ook buiten geweest?”, “ja, Bal”. “heb je met opa met de bal gespeeld?”,”Ja, daa” (while she points to the carport). “heb je vanmiddag brood gegeten”,”ja, aas (smeerkaas), ost (worst)”. “Heb je geslapen vanmiddag”,”ja, bofen”.

She started her third plate but she was slowly having enough which means that she started to beat her spoon on the plate and the table. Deef and myself told her that she is not allowed to do that but of course she continued. I told her a little bit louder that it was not allowed but… yes she continued. So I asked her very loud whether mommy should become angry. Her answer was a soft “ja”. Of course I could not resist this and had to laugh instead of getting angry.

She is again, like afther the chickenpox, really trying things out and doing her own thing. I hope that this is again a small phase until her cold is completely gone.

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  1. omi&opa says:

    that will be over in about 15 years omi

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