Busy weekend and spring has started?

We had a very busy weekend. Fortunately Andrea was aware of this and was awake early (6am) on Saturday. We bought a new fence, new sand for in the zandbak, and weekly grocery shopping all on Saturday morning. When Andrea went to bed I went to the Ikea to buy new shelves for in Andreas cabinet in the living room. They have a very nice system at Ikea. You first have to search for somebody to help you and order the shelves. After that ou have to wait in line to pay the shelves. Then you have to drive to their stock, find a place to park your car, wait in line again before they have found your shelves. It took me more than 1 hour to buy 2 simple shelves. In the afternoon we went to the AH to buy the pizza dough by bike. On Sunday Andrea was again awake very early (5.30 am). Fortunately she slept till 7.45am in our bed. We had breakfast, and I reorganized her bedroom closet. After that it was time to clean the zandbak and put new sand in it. Andrea loved to play in it afterwards. She played for about 1-2 hours outside in the zandbak and can now get into it and out by herself. After lunch (3 sandwiches) it was time for some sleep. This was unfortunately only 1.5 hours. During this time mom and dad put the fence up and mom enjoyed the sun a bit more. When Andrea awoke it was again time to play outside and in the zandbak. After that we went to the park by bike, played in the play garden and went for a drink. In the play ground Andrea went of the slide together with dad. We also tried to feed the duck, but the ducks did not want to come. Andrea kept on calling them. People who passed had to laugh. When we arrived back home andrea was exhausted and watched some tv. After that time for diner and play a bit more. At some point Andrea suddenly started to put away all toys by herself.  It was time for her bath and after that to bed. While Andrea was in the bathroom and I was taking her stuff she came with her thumb between the toiletseat. When I arrived in the bathroom her thumb was still between the toiletseat and she was pushing the seat even more down and she was crying very loud. Some cold water did a lot of good and in bath she was using her thumb, so no harm done.

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