Last year oma and opa had their 40th anniversary. We gave them as present a weekend away with the whole family. This weekend was the one. We went to a Landal Greenparks bungalowpark on Texel. We met eachother at the restaurant before the boat. We had lunch there and after that drove to the boat. Michel took another lane than we did. He was allowed on the boat (last car to fit). We unfortunately were told that the boat was full and that the next boat would leave in an hour. We went to the waiting area where Andrea could run around. After a while there were more people coming. The one hour waiting time passed by very quickly. At the bungalow park the keys were already collected and the coffee was ready for us. Opa bought a nice “Bollo the bear” ball for Andrea and she played with it a bit outside with grandpa. After that we had diner at the restaurant of the park. Andrea ate almost half a pizza. When we put her in her bed at night she did not want to be left alone. She fell asleep in my arms and when we went to bed we put her in her own bed and she fortunately slept further. The next morning we went for a little walk in the park. The wind was very cold and we were all frozen after approximately one hour. In the afternoon (after Andrea’s nap) we went to Den Burg but agin it was too cold so we drank some coffee in a bar and had diner in another. In both bars Andrea had lots of fun. She again ate a lot (two small frikandellen (borrelhapjes size) and 1 kipnugget, some bread and some fries). This time we included in the going to bed ritual the putting away of the toys (which we always do at home) and this time there was no problem in getting her to sleep. The next morning we went for a swim and after andrea’s and daddy’s nap we went to the beach. Again cold wind so after already 5 minutes we went inside. We had a couple of drinks and went back to the park to have diner at the restaurant. We gave Andrea pasta, but she did not like it (it was spaghetti and not brandweerslangen macaroni :)  ). The fries of uncle Michel tasted a lot better, as well as the croutons of the salad bar. Andrea went to bed, but by the time we wanted to go to bed she started to cough and cry a lot. A cold was born. She spent the night in our bed, because she was coughing and crying a lot. On Friday Monday we drove back home again. In the car on the way towards the boat andrea already fell asleep, so we stayed in the car while waiting for the boat. on the boat we did get out and it was quite funny to see how Andrea was struggling to stand straight and not fall. At Den Helder we had some lunch and after that we drove home. Andrea’s cold went worse and we put her to bed early. Since then she is coughing a lot and crying in her sleep a lot as well. So we are going to prepare for a lovely night. Will keep you posted about that.

2 Responses to Texel

  1. omi&opa says:

    When did you drove home?

  2. Suzanne says:

    We drove home on Monday of course.. :)
    Andrea was coughing quite a lot when we were still awake. I took her out of bed and kept her straight for some time in order for her to cough everything that was bothering her up and drink some water. After that we put her in bed again. We either did not hear her cough/cry or she did not cough/cry. Eitherway.. mom and dad slept like babies. Andrea was still asleep when I left this morning (7am).

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