Andrea Update

The quick update. weight: above average, length: below average. BMI decreasing. Link to chart. Mommy will probably add more to this story.

Mommy: As always they try a lot when we are there. When we walked in, the nurse gave me a hand and also wanted to give Andrea a hand and Andrea responded to this and gave her a hand (I was very surprised since I had not seen that before. The same thing happened when we left). In the room she put 5 blkcks in front of Andrea and asked her to put them on eachother. At first Andrea looked at her like… why would I do that. But then she started to put them on eachother with of course her new word: “bauw”. She started with her left hand. When we put her right hand on the table she also built with the right hand. That went very well. Especially of course the destroying of the tower. She started again and destroyed again etc. When the nurse put another block in front of her she put all six of them on eachother. Apparently this was something that she was only supposed to be able to do when she is older. She put a beaker and a teapot in front of her and Andrea started to drink from them (there was nothing in there but still). After that it was playing with the ball time. Of course Andrea named it with the right thing. The nurse gave the ball to Andrea and Andrea threw the ball back at her. She was extremely surprised by that. After that she asked whether Andrea could kick the ball back to her and although I was still under the impression that she always did this by accident she knew exactly what we were talking about and kicked the ball with her foot. The nurse and myself were talking a bit further about the things that she did and Andrea was walking around and asked “kijken?”. She saw that there were some more toys behind the nurse so I said that she could go there and she walked towards the toys and started to play with them. The nurse and myself were talking whether she was curious and willing to explore things.. Well there was the answer :). To cut things short: Andrea is developing very well. In a lot of things she is even more advanced than she is supposed to be. Vegetables eating still gives some problems what we should not worry about that. Her big belly is also normal because they she has not developed any stomach muscles yet.

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  1. Marieke says:

    Ah, stomach muscles! They are hard to develop, but football helps (you actually need stomach muscles for that!), so she is on the right track. ;-)

  2. Monique and Alex says:

    Finally got to reading this entry. VERY happy to read that Andrea is doing so well. Hope Alex and her will get to player ball together soon :)

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