Update on Andrea

It seems that Andrea is winning the battle against the chickenpox. Yesterday we put her in bed at her normal time. But after 1 hour we already took her down and she slept on Deef’s arm until we went to bed. She was very warm so she received some paracetamol. We then put her in her own bed and she slept till about 2am. From that moment on she did not want to sleep alone anymore so I spent the night on the couch again. At seven we went to our bed and there she slept on my arm until 8am. She ate a bit of pap and drank some water and applejuice. She started playing and although she did want her soother she did play and walk around. We had an early lunch and after that she slept for almost 2 hours. Which gave me the time to get rid of the Christmas tree. After that she needed again some time to recover but played a lot as well. I also could take away the soother and stopped her from thinking about it. When diner was ready she unfortunately was too tired to eat, or just not hungry. I made nice tuna potato cookies for her and se did eat some bites, but most of it ended on the floor or on the table. The desert I prepared for her she did not like (desert rice with pear and cinnamon) but the bibaboerderij kwark was lovely. We played a bit more and put her to bed a little bit earlier than normal. Her fever seems to be gone and she seems to feel better, altough the itches are still not gone.

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