Holidays are over

The night from Saturday to Sunday went a bit better. ALthough it was very hard to get her to sleep. She slept during the day untill 4.30pm so she was not tired at all. I sat in her room (doing nothing) for almost an hour. After that she became more relaxed and played in her bed for another hour. Around midnight she awoke screaming. I put some more boo boo goo on her back and spent some time with her on the couch. She did not want to go to her own bed by herself, so I slept on the couch until 2am. She did not sleep at all but was only playing. I got so annoyed by it that I put her iun her own bed again. She screamed for a few minutes, but fell asleep after all. Until 6.30 there were some screams but no serious ones. After that we took her into our bed and she slept until 8.30 when we woke er up. Sunday was a disaster. At one time she is cheerful and running around and just like that she starts screaming and kicking and throwing everything that is around her on the floor. This also happens when she does not get what she wants (like her soother e.g.). She had a marvellous time in the bath tub. There were again some difficulties with getting her to sleep, but it seems that she is sleeping now.

All the blaasjes are gone only korstjes are left. Some of them fell off in the bath and during drying. So that is going quite well. What we discovered yesterday is that one of her cornerteeth is coming which is giving her lots of pain I am afraid. Tomorrow a normal week will start again after the holidays. Let’s hope that when everything is back to it’s normal rythm Andrea will also get back to her normal habbits.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Joehoe…. She spent the whole night in her own bed last night. She screamed once around 11pm and after having received her tut and some strokes on the back she went back to sleep.

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