Happy new year

We spend new year’s eve all three together.  Andrea could not sleep because of the itch of the chickenpox so we took her downstairs with us. Deef and myself took turns in holding her. At midnight we wathced the fireworks together, but she found it too scary so we sat on the couch for some time until most of the bangs were gone. After that we put her back in her bed, but no success. I spent the night with her on the couch in the kleedkamer. After a while she did not want to lay down anymore, but only want to cuddle against me and sleep. The morning more or less started the same she ate some breakfast and only wanted to cuddle after that. She is now in bed after lunch and asleep with some paracetamol. Let’s hope things will be better afterwards. For the itch we put some boo boog goo on it and it seems to relieve the itch a little bit, but her belly and back are a complete moonlandscape with craters and puddles of water. Her face is mainly still covered by moisture filled blisters.

Let’s hope the rest of the year will be better than the start.

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  1. Michel says:

    Andrea, Beterschap!

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