Flu epidemic?

It might be that the flu epidemic has taken its first victim in our family. Yesterday Andrea was not very happy she spent the whole day either in my arms or in her own bed. She had about 45 minutes of activity (walking around) after her afternoon nap, but even that was too much for her. She has a fever and some diarrea. Even in bath which she normally loves she started to cry. She slept perfectly during the night. This morning she still had a fever and started crying when I drove away. Let’s hope she will recover during the day.

See here how people in Utrecht search for terms like griep and koorts to see that it really is in the area at the moment.

3 Responses to Flu epidemic?

  1. Deef says:

    She had a few crying momoents during breakfast and after that she ‘hung around daddy’ for a little while. When grandma arrived she was sitting on the couch with an occasional smile when I tickled her under her feet. Does seem like a little improvement.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Andrea’s fever is gone and she seems to feel a bit better. Because of this she now has again energy to be annoying. Especially saying no to things is her favorite activity at this stage. Let’s hope that this phase does not last too long.

  3. omi&opa says:


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