In de tram onderweg naar Utrecht

We are on our way to Utrecht to have lunch with aunt Corry, omi and Romana. Andrea especially liked to stand against the window and see all the cars and people outside.

Omi, aunt Corry and Romana came to Utrecht to buy a bear at build-a-bear in Utrecht. When they arrived at the shop it turned out that the shop was closed down. The other shop in The Netherlands is in Amstelveen. We first ate pancakes and after that they went to Amstelveen. They found a bear and after that had lots of trouble to get home because of train problems. But nevertheless it was a nice day and it took them 12 hours to buy a bear :)


3 Responses to In de tram onderweg naar Utrecht

  1. omi&opa says:

    It really will be hard to do worse!!!! omi

  2. omi&opa says:

    And we just a lot of public tranportation.
    Train, tram, metro

  3. Marcel Schepers says:

    Wat je al niet via LinkedIn komt te weten. Ik wist niet dat je een dochter had! Men zegt dat zo’n kleine spruit voor heel wat plezier zorgt. Ik wens je veel plezier!

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