This week can be considered a breaking week. Lots of things broken down somehow. At work some things broke, but were fixed eventually. My computer broke down, still no clue if it is the motherboard or the power supply (tips are welcome, Dell dimension 5100). The week before my laptop almost broke down, but we fixed with some tricks. Thursday I broke the stylus of my phone, most part of it is still inside I guess. Today the lamp broke. And the backup battery I have to charge usb devices also it not working anymore, the charging part seems to be broken. On the bright side, the broken nights seem to be over…

2 Responses to Breaking

  1. michel says:

    al met al een … week (ik zal het woord hier maar niet vermelden).
    Bij mij is er alleen een halogeen lampje kapot gegaan (zaterdag) maar verder was er afgelopen vrijdag slecht nieuws uit de lutte, dus voor ons ook een … week.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Please next time do not shout things out loud!!!!

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