When I arrived home yesterday I was expecting to be welcomed by a cheerful and happy kid. Unfortunately this was not the case. She was sitting on dad’s lap and not very happy. She had not eaten anything since lunch. She was coughing a lot. During the night she was also coughing a lot and I took her with me on the couch in the “kleedkamer”. This resulted in the fact that I slept for about 2-3 hours during the night. I put her back to her own bed for a few periods. This morning she was still feeling bad and did not want to eat. We already had a dokter’s appointment for her eczema so they also looked at her throat and that was very red. We received some cortisol creme for the eczema. The sore throat she just has to fight herself. This afternoon she was already a lot more active than yesterday (as you can see on the picture). Her diner she still did not want to eat but when Deef and I has our french fries she also ate some. During the day she drank a lot and that is the most important thing. Tomorrow we are going to see how it goes at day care. This evening she was also very cheerful and active so I hope it will go okay. Currently she is sleeping.

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  1. het is (bijna) winter, af en toe is het gewoon koud, een sjaal kan altijd, hoeft dus niet perse ziek te zijn, en ze is aan het spelen, dus, niet ziek

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