“Nationale filevrije dag”

Today was the first national traffic jam free day of the Netherlands. At least that is what the ANWB, Rabobank and other companies wanted to achieve. This morning it was fine. I arrived in Leiden after a little bit less than 60 minutes. Around 5.30 pm I checked the ANWB site and saw that there was 14 km of traffic jam on the A12 and it was increasing. I decided to wait forĀ a while (still plenty of things to do at work). The length kept on increasing until 27 km. At 7pm I decided to just give it a go since there was still 27km. Fortunately I have a TomTom and this has the option to avoid certain parts of the trip. It guided me over nice roads and I was home in 1h and 10 minutes so only about 20 minutes longer than on a normal Thursday.

It is a very nice alternative in case the A12 is blocked again. I just wished I had thought about the option of using TomTom to find an alternative earlier. Anyway, Deef was playing with Andrea so she was stil awake and happy when I arrived home. Diner was also ready! I missed waterpolo practice though.

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