It seems to get worse again

Although it seemed that Andrea was on the recovering path. Today she was again not feeling very well. She has no fever though. She woke up at 7.30 ate her pap, played a bit. We waved daddy goodbye to work. After that she started to rub her eyes and cry. So I put her back in bed around 8.15. She slep till 9.30 after I woke her up to go swimming. The swimming she liked a lot again. After the “lesson” we played in the “pierenbadje”. She first sat for about 5-10 minutes to observe all the other children. After a while she started to become active and enjoyed it. Mommy did not really enjoy it, because when we arrived at the car it turned out to have been a very expensive swimming morning (48 euros). When we arrived home around 11.30 we played a bit, Suddenly she started screaming and kicking for a few minutes. A soepstengel she did not want and drinking she did not want. After that we had lunch and she went back to bed. Slept from 12.30-13.45, played a bit, went back to bed at 14.30 and slept till 15. Went back to bed at 16.30 and is still sleeping since 17.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    I woke her up at 17.45 to have her dinner. Now she is cheerful again and walking through the living room behind the laundry basket with socks on top of it.

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