Dirty and wet

Andrea played a bit in the zandbak today. Unfortunately the sand was still quite wet, but it has been like that for a couple of weeks now and Andrea loves to play in it so I decided to give it a go.

I put out her clothes for drying in the sun while she was sleeping. The house was just cleaned yesterday and now you can feel the sand everywhere where you walk.

In the evening we have removed all the sand from the zandbak, put “grind” in the “zandbak”, “worteldoek” and put the sand back. According to all websites you should not cover your “zandbak” because the rain also cleans the sand from bacteria. You should make sure that no cats and dogs can enter it and that the water should be able to drain away. That is what the “grind” and the “worteldoek” should do. Let’s hope it works.

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