At the Chinese in “De Lutte”

We paid a visit to Deef’s parents who are enjoying their holidays in their chalet in “De Lutte”. We arrived there around 11.30. Had lunch there and then went for a walk. The chalet is in the middle of the forest so we had our back carrier with us. Andrea had a great time with holding stick. Dropping them and grandpa of course picking them up again. we also stopped at a very large “zandbak” and took Andrea out of the carrier. She enjoyed the sand a lot. When we arrived back at the chalet and turned her pants upside down a lot of sand came out of the pockets. She slept for some time in the chalet while we were enjoying our coffee and cake outside. For diner we went to the local Chinese restaurant. They had very luxurous child seats. Andrea finished her spinach with potatoes and meat loaf. After that she played some time on the floor while we were eating. When she was bored we put her back in her seat and gave her some kroepoek. When that was finished a family arrived with two little kids who brought their own toys. Andera was on the floor. Crawled to them (after having some eye contact with the little boy for some time) and started to play with their toys. In the car back she was awake the whole trip. At home she received her bottle, we put her in bed and she played in bed for at least half an hour before she fell asleep. We had a marvelous day and Andrea behave very nice.

2 Responses to At the Chinese in “De Lutte”

  1. Michel says:

    Pictures and movie will be delivered Tuesday

  2. Deef says:

    Alrighty then, will be waiting for it.

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