Annual bbq in Limburg – Andrea is sick

Every year a bbq is organized in Limburg by one of the families of the “Club”. This year the bbq was organized at my parent’s place. Most children including grand children would come. Deef, Andrea and myself also went. We left home on Saturday morning after breakfast. All was fine, Andrea ate her breakfast and enjoyed herself. She had slept untill 8.30 that morning. In the car she slept for another hour. When we arrived in Brunssum she was quite warm, but she has that more often after sitting in the car or in the stroller, so so far no worries. Omi was not allowed to hold her, Andrea would start crying. We gave her a banana, had lunch and put her to bed for some time. She slept for a little while. After that we went outside to play, but she would only cry and sit on mommy’s lap. It has been like that for the whole Saturday. She was very warm, only mommy was good enough (not even daddy) and just sit quitely. She received some paracetamol which brought her fever down a bit. After applying some dentinox to her tooth it was a little bit better for a short time. The night was quite okay. She wook up a few times crying, but would go back to sleep after having her soother back.

Sunday morning started really bad. She did not want to eat and would only sit on mommy’s lap, even a napkin to play was too much. She was again very warm. After some time it started to go a bit better with her. She played a bit on the floor in the living room. She slept for about 30 minutes in the morning, ate another banana. Mommy could even walk away and leave her alone with omi and opa. Lunch went also okay. She slept for almost 2 hours. After that we went home and measured her temperature: 39.6C. Diner was not a succes. Mom and dad’s pizza was a lot better and the yoghurt afterwards even better. We played a little bit more, gave her a bath and she is now sleeping. Her temperature has risen a little bit¬†(measured before she took her bath) so she got a paracetamol before going to bed.

Overall Sunday was a lot better than Saturday, in the evening she had a small dip. She eats very well and drinks a lot (more than usually, so that is perfect). For now we think that she has new teeth (probably her “kiezen”)¬†coming up. We will keep you posted how it will go.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    On Monday night when I arrived home Andrea was playing and having a lot of fun. After diner she walked through the living room with her chair. She kept on walking away from the table and back to the table for about 30 minutes. Laughed a lot so in summary: SHE IS DOING A LOT BETTER! :)

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