Very impressive weekend!

Last weekend the weather was beautiful so Andrea, myself and Deef spent a lot of time in our back yard. On Saturday we put the small bath tub that we used to bath Andrea in when she was younger outside and filled it with water. She already liked it when she was standing next to it, but when we put her into it she loved it (okay the first time she started crying because the water was still too cold).

When she was not in the tub she crawled outside. As you might now the stones that we have in the backyard are quite rough. So by the end of the weekend her right leg (that she uses with her knee) was completely red. On Sunday night the had invented that she could walk on all fours.

She was also trying a lot of time to stand up straight without holding on to anything the whole weekend. So when she climbed up against the sand box she would let go of her hands for a few seconds. On Sunday she also tried to stand up without support from a sitting position.

She also learned to drink from a anti-lek beaker all by herself, instead of us holding the cup and pouring the water into her mouth.

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