“Met de pot mee-eten”

Todat we went to a birthday party in Velp and were home at 5pm. I immediately started to prepare some beans, potatoes for Andrea to eat. For us I made the remainder of the beans and “krieltjes” (small potatoes) and sausage. When Andrea’s beans and potatoes were finished I mashed the potatoes and cut the beans really small. I added a little piece of sausage (also cut into very small pieces) and put it on a plate for Andrea. She ate two bites and that was it. After mixing it in a bowl and having it blended she still did not like it (these actions did work last time). In the meantime our diner was also ready and we also started to eat. Since Andrea did not want to eat we put some krieltjes, some small pieces of sausage and beans on her plate so she could get used to it. To our surprise she started to put the sausage to her mouth and the potatoes as well. This way she ate quite a lot after all. Of course she left the beans :). Tomorrow she will get couscous with vegetable and tomato sauce (always a success) to get the right vitamins from the vegetables. We were very proud of her that she did eat the sausage and the potato as they were and they did not need to be blended and/or mixed.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Which I forgot to mention: We had to clean the floor afterwards….

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