All kinds of appointments

Today Andrea had another appointment at the consultatiebureau. We were of course (as always) the first to arrive. Even the assistant was not there yet. Andrea loved to look around while the wijkverpleegkundige was preparing the room and getting coffee. She had grown again and became a little bit heavier, although not that much. Her BMI is decreasing, which is not strange from all the crawling and walking (around the table) she does. The wijkverpleegkundige put some “propjes” in front of her, but she did not really know what to do with it. She just looked at them and at her. Eventually she understood that she had to pick them up. This is something she has already been doing at home for quite some time. Going to crumbs and pick them up. The next task was to take blocks out of a box and put them back. She is also doing this already for quite some time at home. Sh just took them and threw them on the floor and eventually threw the box on the floor. :) So she was able to do all the things that she was supposed to do so… Perfect! After that she received two vaccinations which she of course did not really like, but when we walked out of the door and she saw the other children all the pain was forgotten and she started to smile.

Right before lunch omi arrived and Andrea played with her. During lunch she was more playing with her food than eating it and the smeerworst ended up at the bottom of her shoe. After that it was time to do some walking exercises and stand alongside the stairs.

At 13.15 mommy had to leave to go to the dentist. The dentist office is in the center of Utrecht and since they have deiced to do all construction in the city center at the same time reaching the center by car is a complete nightmare. I fortuntaly left early enough (I though I would be there way too early) and arrived just in time for my 14.00 appointment. All was well: no cavities and only very small amounts of tandsteen and my tandvlees was also a lot more quiet than last year. Pictures have been taken so we will be rid of that for another 3 years.

In the meantime at home omi put Andrea to bed after some more playing. We made diner for Andrea together and played some more with her. Omi gave her her diner (tomatoes, courgette, paprika, fish and pasta) and Andrea finished it completely. After that it was time to go home for omi. Omi also prepared the dinner for mom and dad already partly. Thanks!

Andrea did not have a lot of trouble from her vaccinations, although she needed a little bit more cuddling today than any other day. We had a very nice day and hope that omi enjoyed it as well.

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  1. omi&opa says:

    I loved it, thank you. Andrea is a really nice and cheerfull young lady. Her favorite toy is books. She can look at them for quiet a time. She keeps giving them to you to “read” the book for her.
    She only needs to turn the pages.

  2. Suzanne says:

    We cheered too early. Andrea’s night started very stressful. She cried a lot and was very warm. After having been up at her room for the fifth time to comfort her we gave her some paracetamol. This sounded very easy but apparently she has gained some control and it was very hard to get the suppository in. Afterwards she slept like a baby. Woke up very cheerful at 6.20am

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