Today Andrea an myself went swimming again. It was quite some time since we went. Since she is now almost 11 months I decided to take part of the second group (for older babies) during the swimming. I do not know exactly from which age till which age this is but I thought she was more than old enough for it. Two of the babies that she was with in the first group also were in this group. The activities we did started of the same but during the activities there was more splashing of water and more lifting out of the water, going longer tracts through the water on tummy and back. The on the back part she was not too happy with, although she was not complaining. You could notice however that this was not her favourite part. After that she sat on the side of the pool and had to “jump” into the water. At first I held her under her arms, but after a few times she was only holding my thumbs and slided/jumped into the water. Of course I made sure that she did not go “kopje onder” She loved it. After that we played a little bit more in the water by ourselves, took a shower and now she is in bed. She was exhausted.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    I just went to check on her. She was laying in bed exactly the same as I put her down. This is very rare and shows that she was really exhausted.

  2. dark says:

    blub, deef
    when are you taking me baby swimming :)

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