First Mother’s day as a mother

Yesterday was my first mother’s day as a mother. Andrea had a nice present for me. She woke up at 6am. Deef went down with her so that I could get a little bit more sleep. After that I had breakfast in bed: fresh baked croissants, orange juice and coffee. When breakfast was done I received a very nice present of Andrea. A small mirror with a lady bug and a stamp of her hand.

The weather has been and still is beautiful for the last week so we spent the whole day outside. Andrea loves it outside. She climbs and slides and wants to stand and is very cheerful. We had lunch outside after which she slept for 2 hours.  After that we played more outside. At the end of the day she was black and it was time for her bath. In bath she realized that she is lighter in the water so that she can pull herself up more easily. 

It was a very nice day!

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