Yesterday was the wedding of Judith and Marcel. They both said “ja” to eachother, so that needed some celebration. We had a lovely diner somewhere in Best. Andrea went to daycare as normal. Oma and uncle Michel picked her up afterwards. She played there and went to bed. We arrived at midnight to pick her up again. We put her in the maxi cosi and at home put her in her own bed. She did not wakt up at all during this. She woke up at 7.30. We gave her her bottle and put her back in bed hoping that she would fall asleep again. Which she did! She woke up again at 10am. Thanks!

When she woke up we noticed that her voice is nearly gone. She sounded very “zielig”. During the day it became worse. She now has a sore throat¬†and does not swallow a lot. Every time she want to cough she starts to cry because it hurts so much. We gave her some paracetamol hoping that the pain will go away. She does not want to be put in bed, I hope that this will change later tonight. Now she is quietly sitting in her rocking chair and every now and then you can see that she is in pain.¬† I am afraid it is going to be a “lovely” night for us. We will keep you posted.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    All went very well during the night. She slept from 8pm till 7 am.

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