A diaper full of…..


I never imagined I would be so happy with that. After a weekend with diapers full of shit and clothes full of shit it was quite a relief. I woke her up and ¬†put her pyjamas on to take her down stairs give her her final bottle of milk and go to bed for the night. She did not finish the bottle, but still the pee makes a lot better. Let’s hope that tomorrow morning she will not be again covered in shit as it has been the last three nights. This gives me time to take care of the next ill person. Deef cannot hold anything insidehis stomach anymore. He just drank a cup of tea and within 5 minutes it ended¬†up in the toilet. We will keep you posted!

2 Responses to A diaper full of…..

  1. Mark says:

    Better for Deef to put it in the toilet then in a diaper :)

  2. Suzanne says:

    Again only pee in her diaper.. Deef left again of lot of puke and poop in the toilet.

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