So yesterday our phone switch should have taken place. I noticed that we could not receive any calls (no telemarketeers, so there might be a plus site to this). Today I called the helpdesk and after 10 minutes I got someone on the line. He did not understand my problem and transferred me to another department. He said that yesterday at 13:10 everything was arranged and okay. I asked: I should have received an email about that, but the reply was that probably did not happen…..duh. If I still had problems, I should call back tonite so they could help me with the router settings. After that I thought….lets try again, lets call our own number….guess what….somebody answered….my guess: they activated the whole thing while I was on the phone. But things should be working fine again, I will try some more things this week.

[update] And now, I got the promised email, so the guess that they fixed it while I was on the phone is now even more acurate [/update]

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