Whole day

Yesterday was the first day that I had not seen Andrea the whole day. When I left at 7am she was still asleep. In the evening I had a diner in Amsterdam (very nice by the way). I was home around 11.30pm and of course she was already asleep. Dad waited for me, I really appreciated that. I did go to her bed of course to see how peacefully she was sleeping. This morning we woke her up to give her her bottle at 6.50am. When she saw dad she smiled but for mom there was no smile reserved.. :(

Tomorrow I will see her the whole day again. 

3 Responses to Whole day

  1. deef says:

    perhaps a baby does know these things but i guess it was pure unlucky for you to not get a smile

  2. mariahermeling says:

    how was your day? did you get your smiles omi

  3. Suzanne says:

    No unfortunately not… she was a little bit ill.. Hopefully it goes better at daycare

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