One of many yet to come

Yesterday evening we had our first “10-minuten gesprek”. This is a 10 minutes meeting with the teachers of your child, usually before report cards are handed out. I still remember that I was always waiting in my pyjama’s for mom and dad to come back from it to hear what the teacher had to say. Deef and I talked about this yesterday afterwards and he does not remember it.

The daycare center also has these kind of meetings with the parents but of course no report cards are given. It was quite hectic to get there in time. I arrived home at 18.50 (of course there is always lots of traffic when you want to be home early. We had a quick diner, brought Andrea to Deef’s parents and drove to the day care center. Fortunately these meetings always last longer than you expect, so we had plenty of time to relax and drink coffee. The teachers did not have that much to tell, only that she was a very easy child. She enjoys looking at the other children play and other children give her enough attention which makes it very easy for them. They also said that all babies have to lay on their belly once per day. They put all babies together on a blanket so that they can watch eachother. So now we know why Andrea suddenly knew how to hold up her head. The green feet mystery has also been solved. They made some “paintings” for the “speelstraat”. They also said that when Andrea is ready for her first fruits, they make it fresh every day (peer and banana) so we just had to tell them and they will give it to her, so no Olvarit potjes.

Overall it was a nice conversation and it was good to hear (from others) that Andrea is a very nice and cheerful child.

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