Andrea is ill

We went to the docter with her this morning because she was coughing a lot and because of the coughing she also had to vomit and loose all her food again.

She slept yesterday a lot which is not like Andrea. When we gave her her last bottle last night she vomitted with a new record, the “milk” ended 3 metres further. Dad was completely covered, as was the couch. When mom took her so that dad could clean up she started to smile. This morning we fed her, but she started coughing half way through and lost again all her food because of it, so we called the docter, gave her some paracetamol and wen to the docter. According to him she has bronchiolitis. This is an inflammation of the bronchioli (see wikipedia for an explanation). We are now feeding her every two hours small amounts. She is sleeping already the whole day.  We keep an eye on her temperature and hope that all will be better tomorrow. According to the docter it should already be better tomorrow.

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