A day at the hospital

Sunday evening Andrea had a high fever and she was coughing a lot again. We called the docter and he wanted te see her, on to the hospital again we went. There they didnot trust it very much so she had to be taken in the childcare department. After a couple of hours Andrea has some sensors on her and was sleeping. Time for mom and dad to do the same. Mom could stay with Andrea and dad went home. The next morning dad went back, and the night went pretty good considering. Today she was feeling a lot better, fever was down, coughing was minimal and the eating went well. She even smiled once and she was pretty active. But then the evening came and she became worse, fever went up, the coughing was stronger. So we have a deja-vu of the previous evening (although Andrea is doing better now). Mom should be asleep already, Andrea aswell. Dad is just typing this to inform some family and add some pictures. Time for bed now.

3 Responses to A day at the hospital

  1. Monique and Alex says:

    Alex and Monique both sends Andrea big hugs and hopes she feels better soon.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Andrea has to stay for another night. Her fever is down again, but this morning (Wednesday) her oxygen levels were again very low, so the docter thinks it is better to have her stay for another night.

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