What a night

Last night was a terrible night. It started in the evening after diner. I was not feeling too well and was feeling cold and very tired (I had not slept the previous night due to a cold). So I decided to go to bed early (10pm). When Deef came to bed at 11 I was still awake and was still feeling cold, although I was wearing thick pyjamas. After some time I decided that diner was not really nice and most of it ended in the toilet. I went back to bed, hoping to get some sleep now that the nausea was mostly gone. However, Andrea decided else. She started screaming, coughing and sneezing¬†around around 1 am. Deef gave her some water but this did not really help. After a while 30 minutes (I think) she fell asleep, so Deef put her back in bed, but 10 minutes later the same thing happens. After a while we decided to give her a suppository (zetpil) with paracetamol. She fell asleep almost immediately after that and slept quite long. In the morning she was nice and cheerful again. But of course I only snoozed and woke up after each little sound she made. So again not a night full of sleep. I therefore decided to stay home from work. Let’s hope tomorrow everything will go better.

Update: nothing was wrong according to the docter (except for the cold). She probably just had a headache or clugged ears.

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