Today Andrea and I went to the babyswimming at swimming pool Merwestein in Nieuwegein. Andrea liked it a lot (mom as well). She even went once completely underwater which she did not really mind. It scared her for a second but there were no crying episodes. You are in a big group with little children (I think it was till 6 months) and you sing songs and move the babies in the water in all kinds of ways (on their belly, on their back, “standing up”. After that you can stay in the water if you want, another group is then entertained, but you can just swim by yourself, or go into the hot wirlpool, which is what we did. After that I gave her her bottle. It was 10.30 in the meantime and normally she would get her bottle around 9.45 or 10. She still was not crying that she was hungry. Probably because there was a lot to see which makes her forget that she might be hungry. When we arrived back home I put her in bed and after a few minutes of “talking” she fell asleep. We will go again in two weeks (next week she will get her vaccinations again). We even met Marit again from the babymassage. Her was their with his mom, dad and older brother.

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  1. Deef says:

    Good to read you both enjoyed it. You might have been able to use my swimmingcard for it…maybe next time you can bring that as well. No crying kinda surprises me, especially the underwater part, last night she did not like it very much when her mouth touched the water… and the whirlpool has lots of water that goes up and down, even when I sit in it I get drops of water in my eyes, strange that she did not care about it.

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