Short weekendtrip

As you can have seen in the previous posts we went on a short weekend trip. We stayed in the Tulip Inn in Beekbergen. The hotel put a baby bed in our room for Andrea. We arrived on Saturday around 1pm. We checked in and went for a little walk with the stroller. After that we had diner in the hotel. We had a reservation at 7.30pm. Around 6.30pm Andrea started crying (screaming) which lasted until after 7pm. We put her in the stroller and went down for diner. During that she was very quiet and fell asleep. Deef ate corn chicken with grilled zuchini without the zuchini.  On Sunday we went for a walk (De Beekbergense beekloop (or something like that)). We put Andrea in the BabyBjorn facing forward. There was some cold wind and we learned that next time we need to bring something to cover Andrea’s ears and her legs. Het pants kept on crowling up. She was, however, quiet the whole walk and even fell asleep during it. A woman on a horse passed us and the horse was very scared. The woman thought it was because of Andrea. We had pancakes for lunch and again Andrea was very quiet. We arrived in the hotel and Andrea started crying (screaming) around 5pm. It was very loud and hurting our ears. We tried to feed her but that was not the solution. We gave her some paracetamol which only helped after 45 minutes (normally they help quicker). She was finally quiet after 6pm and was laughing again immediately after she stopped crying. We went for diner to a “eetcafe” but their chef was sick so they did not serve any food. So we ended up in another hotel/restaurant. In the middle of the restaurant was a biljart table and next to it some “sterrenwijkers” were having diner. Very entertaining I must say. The food was very nice. Andrea was awake, laughing and making noices and everybody of course loved her. She became a little bit restless and I held her hand until she fell asleep. After we arrived back at the hotel she was wide awake and we were afraid that she would get hungry early than normal which might mean that she would wake up earlier in the morning so we did our best to help her fall asleep which finally paid off. On Monday we went to Park the Hoge Veluwe for a walk with the stroller. It was too cold for the BabyBjorn. Andrea slept a lot but eventually she was tired of laying down so the last 1.5 km we had to carry her on our arms. We drove back to Nieuwegein and thanks to TomTom we could avoid the 13 km traffic jam. At 5pm Andrea again started to scream and could not be stopped. We again gave her some paracetamol and a bottle. This helped her to stop crying and started laughing after 45 minutes. All three of us slept very well during the nights and enjoyed the days off. We still do not know why Andrea was screaming so much these days, maybe she was homesick, had a headache because of the cold wind on her head, is toothing…. more suggestions are welcome. We hope that it was only these days and that this will not go on for too many days. She is now (as always) sleeping in the living room.

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