At Gerdi’s party


Today Gerdi celebrated her 30th birthday. We all went to congratulate her. Andrea went as well. It was a try-out to see whether we could take her with us to birthday parties. We arrived around 9-9.30pm. Andrea was very quiet, because there was a lot to be seen. Deef gave her her bottle around 10pm. We put her in her campingbed afterwards. She fell asleep immediately. We went home around 0.30, Andrea was put in her maxi cosi and she was very awake. She fotunately fell asleep again in the car and did not awake anymore when we put her in bed at home. So apparently we can take her with us and put her in bed at other places.

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  1. Ger says:

    that is w3hat we always did with mark and you. it is in our genen!!!

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