Maternity leave in summer?

So much for being on maternity leave in summer. When I was pregnant everybody was jealous that I would be off during summer. I would be able to enjoy the nice weather with our child and go for nice walks, or just sit outside in the sun.

Since we are living in the Netherlands this is not necessarily  true. Today I even switched on the heating. Outside it is only 13 degrees Celcius and it is raining the whole day already. So much for being off in the summer.

One Response to Maternity leave in summer?

  1. Marieke says:

    Ha, this makes me feel better! People only tell me when it is nice weather in the Netherlands and forget to mention when the weather gets crappy again, so as far as I know NL turned into some tropical paradise after I left. Hopefully the weather will be better next year, though. ;-) Having your birthday on the 1st of July doesn’t always guarentee nice weather either, but some years you get lucky and can have your birthday party outside. :-)

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