Last nice day of this year?

Today we went for a bikingtrip because it was probably the last day with nice weather of the season. Andrea of course joined us in the Burley. We went with the ferry from Nieuwegein to Vianen, so it was also Andrea’s first time on a boat. We had lunch in Vianen, biked alongside the Merwede and back to arrive again in Vianen. From there we took the old highway bridge across the Lek to return to Nieuwegein. In Vreeswijk we had an icecream although not at the place that we wanted to have an icecream at, since there was a line till outside. After the icecream we went back home. See the 21km route here.


2 Responses to Last nice day of this year?

  1. Marieke says:

    I also had a nice day yesterday, because I got Andrea’s “geboortekaartje” in the mail yesterday!! And a very pretty card it is, but with such a nice birthday I didn’t expect anything else of course. ;-)

  2. Deef says:

    So you also got it ‘quick’. Something has gone terribly wrong with the US post. Canadian people got it in a reasonable timespan (a week orso)

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