Cleaning of car

You start to do strange things when you are alone during your maternity leave. I started with grocery shopping, which is not that strange I must admit. After I came back from the shops I started washing the car, did some karate kid training (wax on, wax off) and cleaned the windows. During the last bit suddenly the radio stopped and I feared that the battery was dead, fortunately I could still start the car and I went for a little drive to make sure that the battery would get charged again. Tomorrow I have to clean the dashboard and vacuum the inside of the car.

2 Responses to Cleaning of car

  1. Mark says:

    A radio does not use that much power, you can run it easily all night. I think instead that you have a very smart car that simply turns the radio off after X minutes to prevent it from draining the battery :)

  2. Deef says:

    Interesting thought….technology is so advanced these days!
    as of yet, I have not received an sms so I guess the battery is not dead.

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