1st full day at daycare

I just dropped Andrea of at daycare. She will stay there the whole day. I will let you know how it went for her, and also for me. It is quite strange to be at home without her around.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Everything went very well with Andrea. She slept than she usually sleeps at home in one run. She emptied her bottles completely and she loved to be cuddled by the teachers.
    Mom also had a very productive day. She bought a licence plate for the bike carrier and attached it to it. She went to the Ikea to buy some doors for the cabinet in between the kitchen and the living room and attached those and she slept for an hour. Tomorrow Andrea will go again to day care.

  2. Michel says:

    Mooi dat alles goed ging. Het is toch altijd maar weer afwachten hoe ze met een nieuwe situatie omgaan.

  3. Deef says:

    En dan voornamelijk hoe dat thuis is :) maar dat viel ook mee, hopelijk blijft het zo.

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